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For the mighty and the meek

For the big and the small

For the old and the young

Nothing is set in stone

The capacity to change is accessible to all

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"It's such a warm and welcoming environment! The teachers are so kind and helpful. Best yoga studio I've ever been to! Hands down! Just try it, and you'll fall in love too!"

Louisville, KY Kelly G.

"I can see weekly changes in my body since I began regular Bikram practice back in February. I am building core strength, focus and clarity of the mind more each day. Seriously, this was just what I needed to develop the healthy lifestyle i've always desired."

Louisville, KY Meghan M.



Yoga is more than exercise, yoga is medicine.  It unifies of the mind and body,  it is a catalyst for transformation. A dedicated physical practice can liberate the body and mind from pain, disease and lethargy no matter what age, size or physical ability. It is Sweaty Buddha's mission to show every being that we are infinite, with boundless potential and that through yoga we can attain a happier more fulfilling life.  

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