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Class Reservations

Online reservations are strongly encouraged for all classes. It is the only way to guarantee your spot. Reservations can be made via our website (better for mobile use) or by using the Mindbody Desktop interface.

You can cancel your reservation from your account up to 2 hours before class begins without penalty. If you do not cancel in the time allotted you will be charged a $10 fee if the class is at online capacity. Please be mindful. When you are absent and do not cancel your reservation you are also preventing someone else from practicing.

Late Arrivals

We open 30 minutes before class is scheduled to begin to give you time to check-in, change and get settled. We ask that students be on their mat and ready on time. Doors will lock at the start of class, latecomers are not permitted.

During Class

Please do not come to class when you are sick. If you are are coughing or sneezing you are at risk of infecting your fellow classmates and you may be asked to leave. Be considerate of yourself and others by staying at home until you have fully recovered.

A mat, large towel to cover your mat and water are all required for class. Please bring only these items into the yoga room and leave any personal items including your phone, keys and purse in the locker room or locked in your car.

Dress Code


Please wear appropriate yoga clothing that you can move freely in and that keep your bum and bits properly covered throughout class (no underwear, thongs, etc).

Snow and Inclement Weather Policy


If class is cancelled due to weather students who have reserved online will receive an email notifying them of the cancellation. Our live schedule will be updated as soon as the decision to close is made.

Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. We have the right to refuse or discontinue service at any time.

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