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Certified Teacher 

Kristin's interest in health and fitness came early and influenced her academic studies where she received her degree from Valparaiso University in Physical Education and Exercise Physiology. After college, she received an American Council on Exercise certification and taught several exercise classes while working in corporate health and wellness in Chicago.


In 1997, Kristin completed the Chicago Marathon and the Louisville mini-marathon in 1998. In 2006, Kristin took her first Bikram yoga class. She fell in love with the challenge while relishing the many positive effects of a consistent practice. Kristin completed Bikram Yoga training in 2015 and Hot Pilates training in 2016. Soon after, she realized the benefits of cross training Hot Pilates with a Bikram practice.  



Kristin believes that as you age you either "use it or lose it”. Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates deliver on multiple levels - improving cardiovascular strength, muscle strength, balance, and flexibility, while improving mental focus. She knows her family and friends benefit when she invests in her own health and is passionate about giving this same gift to her students and their loved ones.

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