I have never tried yoga before. Is there a class for beginners?

You are in luck, all of our Bikram classes are designed for beginners. Take a look at our schedule and pick a time that is convenient for you. Arrive with a positive attitude and do the best you can. Yoga is a lifetime practice that begins with your first class.

What if I am not flexible? I can barely touch my toes!

Flexibility as a prerequisite is an incredibly common misconception about yoga, one that prevents many people from ever starting. The less flexible you are, the more you need yoga. The more you do yoga, the more flexible you will become, physically and mentally.

Why does it have to be so hot?

The room is intentionally heated to warm up the body and assist with circulation, promote detoxification and provide optimum conditions so that the change you want can happen more efficiently. As your practice develops your body will acclimate to the heat and you will begin to appreciate what a therapeutic tool it can be.

Can I lose weight?

YES! Whatever your fitness level you will find this yoga challenging (it’s why people come back). The postures combine strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance to give you a total body workout. A number of our postures are focused on working your metabolism and helping to balance your blood sugar levels and blood pressure. You will also find that your body will burn fat more efficiently in the heat.

How often should I practice?

As with any form of exercise it is recommended that you practice an average of 3-4 times per week to receive the maximum benefits. However, this yoga is perfectly safe to practice every day. In fact, many people will find their bodies craving this total body workout every day. Naturally, the more often you practice, the greater and faster the results you will enjoy. We recommend that you come at least 10 times in your first month to truly experience what this yoga could do for you.

What are the benefits?

There are unlimited benefits to Bikram yoga. It reduces stress, increases blood circulation and improves strength and flexibility. A regular practice can reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases (i.e. arthritis, diabetes and thyroid disorders). It also promotes relaxation.

Why the same 26 postures in every class?

This series is designed to work through every system in the body. By the end of class nothing has been missed, every bone, muscle and organ in the body will be revitalized and reorganized. Consider the postures as routine maintenance for the human body. Each pose was chosen with the idea that anyone can start this yoga where they are at. Just come as you are and begin the sequence. Over time you will see yourself progress.

I still have questions.

Still not sure if Bikram Yoga is right for you? Do you have a specific question that wasn’t answered above? Email us!