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In 2011 Holly suffered a neck injury that halted all activities. After a year of sloth-like movements Holly took her first yoga class from Kelly Tisch.

She found it a bit strange and wasn't sure I she liked it. She was used to exercises of jumping up and down with weights in her hands to a thumping beat. After her fourth class she was super excited to see her mobility returning. She could look left and right, up, and put her chin on her chest for the first time in a year without pain! She was hooked!  Not only was it a great workout, it healed her chronic pain. She was sleeping through the night and waking with no pain. The other happy side affect was that it helped manage her anxiety and made her able to deal with stress.  

Holly completed a 400-hour Teacher Training at Sweaty Buddha in 2019. She truly enjoys helping others find their way through their practice and experience similar life-changing improvements.

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