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Noy’s journey started at Bikram Yoga Lexington in 2009. She originally took her first class out of curiosity but quickly fell in love with the practice. The benefits of Bikram yoga far exceeded any other exercise she had ever experienced. She finally found relief from her chronic lower back, hip and knee pain that had accrued from years of running. Along with the physical benefits, Noy began to appreciate yoga’s focus on the mind/body connection and with being in the present moment.


As time went by, Noy's continued practice helped her through two pregnancies and a knee surgery. 


In 2019 she completed Sweaty Buddha’s 400 Bikram Method Teacher Training.


Noy is excited to be able to pass on the amazing benefits that Bikram yoga offers to her students. She feels that you don't have to be perfect in your practice, just try your best. It is about being in the present moment with yourself. It is about being content with what you have to give that day.

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