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Our facility was designed to promote the healthiest and strongest practice possible.  



While most heated yoga studios use forced air or electric panels to heat their rooms, Sweaty Buddha Yoga uses infrared heat.


Infrared heaters convert light directly to heat, warming nearby objects without raising the air temperature. This allows a student in an infrared class to absorb heat while the surrounding air does not. This type of heat is most like natural sunlight. In fact, 80% of the light that makes it to Earth is infrared, it is a form of light that is easily processed by our bodies. Since the air itself does not get hot with infrared heat, it is suitable and tolerable for students especially those with respiratory issues who find it uncomfortable or even risky to go in a heated yoga class. 


Infrared heat differs greatly from, say, a heater that heats the air in a room, because it actually is absorbed by the skin and has a greater effect on increased circulation, muscle flexibility and detoxification. As your body absorbs infrared waves, molecules begin to vibrate, causing them to expel the toxins, fat and impurities from your cells into your blood stream. These will then be released from your body. The result is an incredible cleansing effect at a cellular level. Your muscles and internal organs will be gently warmed. This form of heat is perfectly safe. Hospitals use infrared heat to keep premature babies warm.


There are numerous added health benefits that come along with practicing at our infrared heated studio, including:


  1. Detoxification of the Body

  2. Increased Circulation

  3. Strengthening of the Cardiovascular System

  4. Improved Skin Appearance

  5. Enhanced Collagen Production

  6. Strengthening of the Immune System

  7. Reduction of Joint Pain

  8. Reduction of Cellulite





Specifically designed for hot yoga studios, these mats provide shock-absorbing cushion, reducing stress on the joints and body.


Waterproof and slip-resistant, the surface equips the student with sure footing during class.


The anti-microbial tatami textured vinyl promotes moisture evaporation creating a hygenic and sanitary environment.



Our Energy Recovery Ventilator provides constant fresh air to the room while exhausting stale air. It helps to maintain appropriate oxygen levels in the room, which aids in preventing students from feeling dizzy, nauseated, or light-headed. Symptoms that are common in a hot yoga room that is not properly ventilated.  


Our indirect LED lighting allows the student to practice without being distracted by bright overhead lights.


Our skylights and large windows flood the space with natural light providing a feeling of openness and energy.



​Sweaty Buddha provides you with everything you need to get ready for your day or night.  

Our well-appointed locker rooms are supplied with Dr. Bronner's organic soaps, shampoos and conditioners, q-tips, lotions and hairdryers.

Our women's locker room is equipped with 4 showers while the men's locker room is equipped with 2 showers.

Everything you need for class here. Our boutique is stocked with the latest choices in apparel and
Mats and towels are available for rent.
Chilled bottled water is available to purchase.
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